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Corsage Bracelets - How To Size Your Wrist

Posted by Sari Ann on 7/14/2013 to A Florist's Perspective
Corsage bracelets come in all different styles and colors and most importantly different sizes. This is always a big concern for me, because I have a tiny wrist and corsages tend to be big. Lucky for you, we've found several different corsage styles to fit all sized wrists! 

To know what type of bracelet you should choose you have to first measure your wrist.  All you will need is a piece of string, marker and ruler. Take the string and wrap it around your wrist, so its just touching your skin. Its not squeezing you but not loose and dangling either. Then take the marker and mark the length of string that goes around your wrist. Lay the string flat against the ruler, and measure to your marked point and that is your wrist size.

Your wrist size will fall under one of the following categories:
Small wrist = 5-1/2 inches or smaller
Average wrist = 6 to 6 1/2 inches
Large wrist = 7 inches or larger

Bracelet Types:
Snap-It - These bracelets are completely adjustable and generally fit any size wrist.
Rhinestone - Fit any average to large sized wrist and are loose on smaller wrists. 
Pearls - Are a snug fit even for little wrists. 
Bubbly - is a snug fit for any size wrist as well.

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