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Homecoming Photography

Posted by Sari Ann on 7/10/2013 to Just Sari
Everyone wants to look great and have nice homecoming photos. But not everyone owns a professional grade camera nor do you need to! Heres a few simple tips to make sure even your iPhone photos turn out better. 

1. If its light enough stand in the shade. It will avoid the subject squinting and harsh highlights that can make the face look oily. 

2. Watch the background! Too many times i've seen pictures with trees sticking out the backs of peoples heads. So look out for telephone poles, cars, tree trunks, fire hydrants and the lot. 

3. That being said take your pictures on a dark background, such as a green bush that fills the whole background, or a stretch of grass. If none is available pose your subject in a background that is not too busy. Just anything but the garage door please!

4. If your cameras aperture can change make it as wide as possible. This is usually around 2.5. Remember the smaller the number the wider the aperture, and the wider the aperture the blurrier the background. This will make the background less distracting, just be sure to focus! 

5. Shoot at flattering angles. Don't shoot upward because it may result in the subjects neck being elongated and seeing up their nose. Note: this isn't a problem for all camera lens, but watch out for this when you are shooting close to the subject. 

6. Posing. Girls and guys posing is different but heres a few tips that will help. 

Lift your chin just slightly. We aren't trying to elongate the neck but this will help to keep unwanted shadows out of the eyes and under the nose. 

For girls especially keep your arms from being pressed to your sides. So don't cross your arms, let them dangle next to you rather than pinning them to yourself. Having your arm squished against something will make them appear wider.

Just relax. Even a professional photo can look strange if the subject is not relaxed. Have fun taking photos and be creative and even silly with your posing. If you are uncomfortable having your photo taken ask if its only you and the photographer present, rather than everyone. Or go with a group of people, that way your don't feel as if the camera is just focused on you. If the people around your are having fun so will you. 
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