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Posted by Mary Baum on 11/13/2013 to A Florist's Perspective
People often ask me where I get my inspiration for a new design, or how I come up with new ideas.  Sometimes ideas come from color combinations in nature, or a piece of fabric, or even my teenage daughter's latest fashion statement.  The eye is drawn to many variations among these elements, and often dictates how we as consumers choose to express ourselves in our daily lives.  Weddings, Prom, and other special occasions can be a time when we really display who we are, and show our elegant, unique, or fun side without the world judging us too harshly.  The advice I give my clients who are undecided about a bridal bouquet or corsage design for their special day is, "Go with your gut instinct!" Choose what most reflects your personality.  After all, you will be "queen for a day."  Enjoy!

My daughter Sari dressed for her Senior Prom

Prom Dress with Prom Corsage
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