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Introducing our Brooch Corsages

Posted by Lori Mayer on 9/26/2013 to What's New?
Do you ever feel like you want to try something new?  That's how we've been feeling around here lately.  We've been doing this for a lot of years now.  What could we introduce to our product offerings that would be interesting and exciting for our clients?

Have you ever watched David Tutera -- Wedding Planner King of America?  Recently he featured something on his show that caught our attention -- Brooch Bouquets.  Sure, brooch bouquets have been around for a while, and there are plenty of people out there making them.  But suddenly in that moment it seemed like that was the idea we were looking for.  Why don't we try to make Brooch Bouquets?

Well, you have no idea how many companies sell brooches, and how many millions of brooches there are to choose from.  It has taken an incredible amount of research by Joe, our Business Manager, just to find good quality brooches at an affordable price.  He has finally managed to get a few brooches into Mary's hands.  Not quite enough for making bouquets, but enough to start experimenting.

Mary can't help herself.  Put some new, pretty, sparkly stuff in her hands, and she will inevitably create something amazing.  She came up with her very first brooch corsage -- just in time for Homecoming!  She called it "Ivana" -- because it reminded her of the one and only Ivana Trump.

Introducing our new "Ivana" Brooch Corsage -- available in three colors.  I like the gray one -- it has a very subtle elegance to it.  We also offer it in red/black and light blue/white.

"Ivana" Brooch Corsage in Gray

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