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Keira Knightly's Wedding

Posted by Sari on 8/3/2013 to Just Sari
Recently married, Keira Knightley's wedding was not a very big affair nor are there many photos of it. But I happened to find a hint of inspiration in just her dress, which prompted me to make this blog.

Above is a picture of her dress, which I love. The slight pink tone and shorter length really make this dress unique, even though it is quite simple.

Sticking with the simple look of the dress I chose this bouquet, Simply Tulip. The soft petals and bear grass add just a touch of whimsey and make for a noticeable and yet understated piece.

If you want to vamp up the look of this dress a bouquet is the perfect tool. My lady, the one featured above, does just the trick. The intricate bead details and feathers add an elegant touch making this piece stand out without overpowering the dress. Because it has a monochromatic theme it stands on its own while still complementing the dress.

If you want a splash of color in your outfit this bouquet is perfect. Always Anemones has a very similar peachy-pink colors to that of the dress. This bouquet will add a bit of fun for any bride.

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