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Posted by Sari Ann on 7/10/2013 to Just Sari
Everything I make is a list! I just noticed that half of my blogs are lists, I believe its because that's one of the ways I stay organized for school. I make homework lists and project lists and things I have to do after school lists. Its how I organize my thoughts, and I use them all the time in writing as well. It helps me to keep my characters, plots, and settings in line, and helps me to produce a piece of writing I'm really proud of. 

But variety is good, and something I want to achieve in my blogs. But here's another so called list of my other funny habits. 

Cleaning at midnight- I'm not sure why but its the only time I ever feel like cleaning my room. 
Planning my makeup the night before- Makeup is my favorite part of waking up in the morning and I spend extra time at night daydreaming what colors and styles to use the next day. 
Reading in spurts- I can't just read a book over a month or two. If its a good book and I'm enjoying it I will literally sit down and read it in a day or two. Its too much torture to prolong it, even though I never want the book to end. 
Being more productive at night- I love working at night when the stars are out, something about being alone in the quiet is soothing and helps me think. 
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