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Match Me Up

Posted by Sari Ann on 7/9/2013 to Just Sari
So as much as I hate talking about going back to school it is inevitable. I figured I'd talk about something fun that comes with it, homecoming! I'm excited to see what the new fashion trends for dresses will be, and what new corsages we will have to match. But I'm going to get a head start and do a match me up dress and corsage. 

Here's the dress I picked to get the season started. I love the deep teal colors and how it makes the silver of the dress really pop. The shape of the dress is flattering because of the natural waist. The sleeves are also really fun in this case, because of the added sparkle. 

So I picked two corsages I would pair with this dress.

1. Masquerade 
This corsage is the exact colors of this dress, and the peacock feathers add a new element that even against the sparkles is going to pop. 

2. Starry Nights. 
I chose this corsage because it brings out the very subtle black sparkle, while still accenting the silver. This is a great choice if you don't want to be completely matchy matchy. 
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