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Introducing our Brooch Corsages

Posted by Lori Mayer on 9/26/2013 to What's New?
We are very excited to introduce our newest creations -- Sparkling Corsages made from Beautiful Brooches.

The Shire Bouquet

Posted by Sari Ann on 7/5/2013 to What's New?
We are in the midst of wedding season, and I figured it would be a great time to introduce my favorite bouquet. Prepare your nerd radars...

Homecoming Queens

Posted by Lori Mayer on 10/10/2012 to What's New?
Introducing Two New Unique, Fun Corsages for Homecoming

Cotton Candy, Anyone?

Posted by Mary on 2/23/2012 to What's New?
My daughter thought of a great name for my newest bouquet!