White Lily of the Valley with Tulips & Roses
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Ribbon Colors
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Inspired by Princess Kate's wedding bouquet.  Lily of the valley is surrounded by white tulips and roses in this charming bouquet that will make you feel like royalty. The perfect bouquet for your garden wedding.

Bouquet Details
  • White Lily of the Valley
  • White Parfait Roses
  • White Tulips
  • Ivory Satin Ribbon

Product Measurements
  • Head of bouquet measures approximately 8 inches
  • Length is approx. 9 inches

What are 'Real Touch' flowers?

Real Touch flowers (also referred to as Natural Touch and True Touch) usually consist of a synthetic fabric material covered with a thin layer of latex. �The flowers are dyed to match the intended color and to replicate the natural elements of the flower such as veining and other subtle details. �The latex bonds to the core material preventing the fraying edges often associated with regular silk flowers. This process gives the flower a convincing and realistic appearance and is highly sought after by Brides looking for an artificial wedding bouquet that rivals the look and feel of fresh.

What are 'Floramatique' flowers?

Floramatique is a company and brand name that developed a revolutionary process in the manufacturing of artificial flowers. Floramatique uses a specialized polymer material that is often dyed before the flower is formed. Since there is no center substrate like a fabric material, this creates a color that is consistent all the way through the petal. The flowers created using this process have a very light and airy look to them that give them their life like appearance and feel.

Which flowers are best?

There is no clear winner between 'Real Touch' and 'Floramatique' flowers. At the Little Bouquet Shop we always choose the flowers with the most realistic appeal that best complement a particular design. We want you, our Brides, to be confident in knowing that when you choose a bouquet from the Little Bouquet Shop you�re purchasing a wedding keepsake made of the finest materials available.